Wakefield Now, Prospectus for Transformative Projects

Rodin Genoff & Associates was commissioned by the Wakefield Group to prepare a planning and investment prospectus for councils that comprise the Australian Federal Government of Wakefield in Adelaide’s North including: The City Playford, City of Salisbury, Town of Gawler, The Barossa Council, Clare and Gilbert Valleys Councils, Light Regional and Wakefield Regional.

Extracts from Wakefield Now, Transforming the Future

A Prospectus of Transformative Projects

Q: What will you find in Wakefield Now?

A: A navigation tool!

Wakefield Now is a road map to the future through an understanding of the region’s rich history and tradition of working together.

It is an expression of ‘how’ community, business and political leaders have come together to transform the Wakefield region.

Wakefield Now is a prospectus of opportunities. A prospectus of transformative projects.

We begin with a review of Wakefield’s key achievements and meeting the challenges of globalization through the power of ‘localnomics’.

This is followed by a snapshot of the Wakefield region and the Wakefield Group comprising eight mayors and their CEOs; and their future aspirations.

Wakefield Now then puts its case for a ‘smart future’, where we describe the dynamics of industry clusters and why Wakefield plays such an important role as one of the engine rooms of the South Australian economy.

We then explore Wakefield’s successful governance architecture with its resilient and collaborative leadership styles that have underscored its many successes.

Wakefield Now concludes with a prospectus of future and transformative projects to 2016.

Transforming the Future


Imagine creating transformative projects that together add up to more than $2 billion.

This is precisely what the Wakefield Group in Northern Adelaide and the immediate regions on the outskirts of Adelaide have been able to achieve. Wakefield’s impressive results are testimony to the power of collaboration at work; the power of working together that has transformed industries and entire communities.

So what do some of the successes look like?

Take for example the $1.2 billion Playford Alive project. It is one of Australia’s largest urban regeneration projects which is tackling pressing social issues affecting one of the most disadvantaged communities in the country. Or the globally recognised and pioneering water management projects led by the City of Salisbury and the innovative regional approach to a transport inter-modal at Bowmans. These are just two examples of many such success stories.

Some projects like the Playford Alive urban development were anchored by significant state Labor government funding in partnership with private sector property developers and the City of Playford. While regional road projects like the $723 million Sturt and Northern Expressway (Nexy) highway upgrade were secured by a significant funding commitment by former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard in 2005.

Transforming what were bold ideas into reality was the Wakefield Group’s commitment to conceptualise, plan and then implement projects far beyond the scope of any one community or government organisation working in isolation.

Comprising eight regional and urban based councils, the Wakefield Group through participative leadership effects of eight mayors and their CEO’s was able to provide a single point of contact for state and Commonwealth governments to make sure projects were realised, and that there was in the end unanimous political, business and community agreement on how these projects would get done.

By focusing on what needed to be done, political barriers were broken down.

Wakefield demonstrates the very best in community and regional development: to be in for the long haul and at times, despite the pressing need, to have the patience and resilience to deliver long term and what are by any measure complex and transformative projects.


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