Developing the Potential of the New Knowledge Economy Central Denmark Region

Rodin Genoff is currently lead consultant to a major advanced manufacturing cluster project in Region Midjutland in Denmark. The pilot project commenced in March 2006 and was originally due for completion in June 2007.

His early results were so successful that the project achieved major project status and was fast tracked in November 2006. He was invited back in February 2007 to once again lead the project, now due for completion in October 2008.

Rodin Genoff’s early results included the creation of several significant new joint venture partnerships for export markets such as:

  • A customised plant and equipment partnership (including systems integration and automation solutions); and
  • A network of companies to tackle bio-mass and carbon trading projects.

  • After completing a comprehensive industrial supply network audit of 50 companies, 35 of these advanced manufacturing and engineering companies are now participating in the creation of new joint venture and business development opportunities. This initiative will bring together between 150 and 200 companies across Denmark and the European Union.

    While the region is currently seen as a traditional industrial hub, many of the region’s companies are now participating in initiatives advanced by Rodin Genoff to promote their region as the “smart centre” of Denmark.

    In fact, Børsen (Denmark’s national daily financial newspaper) has focused on Midjutland as the “smart centre”. The Børsen article also featured the report Engineering the Future and the industrial analysis prepared by Rodin Genoff & Associates. In a separate feature article, Martin Stokholm, Managing Director of Stålindustri, one of the region’s fastest growing engineering companies, was quoted as saying, “the strategy we have developed [with Rodin Genoff & Associates] through this project will lead to a doubling of our company turnover”. A feature of this cluster project has also been bringing industrial designers and engineering companies into new joint ventures and business collaborations. One of these joint ventures is being announced at the Danish Design Centre’s International Design Conference in Copenhagen in October 2008.

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