Appointed as international expert to Danish Advisory Board

Rodin Genoff has been appointed to InSPIRe’s international advisory board to support its strategies and research into developing food clusters, research development, innovation and building collaborative platforms between business, government and universities.

InSPIRe is a new Danish strategic platform for innovation and research in food science and technology serving to improve the global competitiveness of the Danish food sector. InSPIRe is an open and flexible platform which involves industrial partners, GTS institutes and universities in mutual commitment to a concerted programme of research, innovation, education, networking and effective dissemination of results.

InSPIRe is based on an identification of scientific and technological challenges of mutual interest to universities, GTS institutes and relevant industrial partners within the Danish food sector. As a starting point, the InSPIRe partnership has defined three scientific pillars:

  • Engineering the Food Production Chain of the Future
  • Process Analytical Technology in the Food Industry
  • Improved Food Quality by Controlling Molecular Functionality
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